What if I don’t see exactly what I’m looking for?

We offer full custom design whether it is choosing a color you do not see or bringing your vision to life. One of our custom design experts would be happy to help. Simply email us at Kim@tsgprinting.com.

What are my paper options?

Our current paper options for cover stock include 16pt Coated Cover and 16pt Uncoated Cover and our text options include 70lb Bond, 70lb Strathmore® Premium Writing, 80lb Gloss Coated Text, 80lb Silk Coated Text, and 100lb Gloss Coated Text.

What are you envelope stocks?

Our envelopes match our letterhead stocks and are available in 70lb Bond and 70lb Strathmore® Premium Writing.

What are Bleed, Trim and Safety areas?

BLEED: Is the amount your art must extend past the cut line so that when trimmed to the final size your printed piece has no white showing where there should be ink at the edge of the page. Bleed is required on all jobs where you desire the ink to end at the edge of the piece. Bleed should be set to 1/8” on all sides of your art, for example if your postcard has a finished size of 6” x 9”, your artwork canvas size should be 6.25” x 9.25”, the extra amount will be trimmed off in finishing and your postcard will look perfect.
TRIM: Is the final size your product is cut to.
SAFETY: Is the area 1/4” in from the edge of your printed piece. This area should not contain any text or important content. This is important for 2 reasons, first it improves the look of your finished piece its never pleasing to the eye to have important content run right to the edge of the sheet. Secondly it prevents critical info like phone numbers or addresses from being cut off in production.

I have a small border around my artwork is that ok?

We recommend that all borders around the edge of your work be at least 1/4” in from the edge of your work and that borders that bleed come in at least 1/4” in from the trim line. Our presses print some of the finest work anywhere and we are extremely accurate when we trim and finish your work. But nothing is a precise as the human eye and it can pick up the absolute slightest inconsistency when you have a thin border around your work and this is why we recommend you avoid that in your design.

What types of files can I send?

.JPG, .PDF .PSD, .SVG. We recommend that your image be high resolution taken directly from your digital camera or photographers original digital files. Using photos from online sites including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will give you a poor image quality as these images have been converted to a lower resolution to be able to view faster on the internet. It is industry standard that photos should be 300dpi.

Will my colors be as bright as they are on screen?

We have some of the tightest quality control standards in the industry and have done everything possible to make the colors on screen look as close as possible when printed and is a major reason why each job is run by itself and never gang run. Please realize colors on screen will always look brighter than print due to the differences in how color is produced between screen and print, if you are worried about being too dark choose one shade lighter from our selection. Also jobs that are printed on coated stock will have a better shine and brightness than work printed on uncoated sheets. UV Coating also helps to give more shine and brightness to your work.

What happens after I submit my mail list?

Your list is first run through our mailing software to organize all of the data and it is sent to be verified against the USPS National Change Of Address (NCOA) registration list. If someone on your list moved and notified the Post Office of their move then this will be automatically updated for you so it goes to the right person. After your list has been updated by the NCOA it is presorted according to postal route and this is why the postage is less than if you mailed it yourself.

How do I get a mail list?

Many clients develop a list over time gathered from client feedback or they may have purchased a list from an outside source. If you do not have a list but would like to start a direct mail program we would be happy to help. Please email us at Rob@tsgprinting.com. Tell us a little about yourself and what you would like to accomplish with your mailing. Example Hi this is Mario from Cafe Napoli and I would like to send a coupon postcard to everyone within 5 miles of my cafe located in Garden City, NY 11530 or if you have specific demographics you would like please provide them. We have access to some fantastic data miners and can find you mailing lists for a variety of demographics.

How much is postage?

We offer two levels of postal service and each comes with its own fixed postage rate depending on the schedule of delivery required. Presort First Class provides delivery within 2-5 days, Presort Standard ensures delivery within 7-10 days. We have seen Presort Standard mail deliver faster but neither Rushprintnyc.com or even the USPS guarantees the delivery schedule for Presort Standard mail and it can vary greatly on postal volume. If your mailing is time sensitive we recommend you choose Presort First Class Mail. The TSG Group is not responsible for how or when the USPS delivers any mail. You will only be charged for the postage amount for the number of pieces mailed. Postage is not charged on your overs they are sent to you free of charge by UPS ground.